Campbell Hall Staff

Scott McKinney--Campbell Hall Resident Director

Years worked at SC: 0

Hometown: Superior, NE

College attended and degree earned: Sterling College, BFA in Communications

Best residence life memory from my college days: The Campbell and McCreery Thanksgiving Dinner when we dressed up as Cowboys and Indians.

Favorite way to spend a Saturday: Relaxing, preferably outside, preferably swimming.

Best thing about my job: I get to be a part of the legacy, the brotherhood, and the family of Campbell Hall.

What the residents in my hall can expect: Since I have recently graduated, I have freshly gone through similar things that they will go through.  Therefore, I can be a great mentor and be current with ideas for the dorm.

Tyler Brotton--Resident Assistant

Year: Junior

Major: Business Administration

Hometown: Newton, KS

Favorite class: Anything taught by Dr. Dale Levering

What is the thing you love most about living in your residence hall? I love the community of Campbell.

What you're all about: I'm all about God.

Nathan Ehresman--Resident Assistant

Year: Senior

Major: Christian Ministries & Mass Media Communications

Hometown: Wichita, KS

Favorite class: Adolescent Culture & the Gospel with Joe Skillen

What is the thing you love most about living in your residence hall? Living with 80 of my closest friends--always having someone to play Mario Kart with, always having someone to watch Space Jam with, always having someone to walk to C-Mart with, always having someone to talk with.

What you're all about: Building relationships that mutually foster spiritual and personal growth.  And having a lot of fun doing it.


Joshua Hoover--Resident Assistant

Year: Sophomore

Major: Athletic Training

Hometown: Elbing, KS

Favorite class: Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries with Pete Maneley

What is the thing you love most about living in your residence hall?  What I love most about living in Campbell is the close-knit family feeling I get in the dorm.  Everybody for the most part is very social and there is always stuff going on in the lobbies.  Campbell is by no means a dead atmosphere--people are always doing something and having a lot of fun.

What you're all about: I am all about serving Christ and striving to live like Him.  I love just being with people and getting to know people through activities.  I love sports, especially basketball, and love just being outside.

Matt Swank--Resident Assistant

Year: Junior

Major: Education

Hometown: Pratt, KS

Favorite class: Classroom Management with Professor Leone

What is the thing you love most about living in your residence hall? What I love is the community, and of course Super Smash Bros.

What you're all about: What I'm all about is just doing my best in everything I do to please the Lord.