Megan Fraley

Megan Fraley 2012
Assistant Professor of Mathematics/Assistant Director of the Honors Program

Megan Fraley joined the Mathematics Department in the fall of 2011.  She earned her B.S. from Doane College with a major in mathematics and a minor in business administration.  From there, Megan went on to the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, where she completed her M.S. in mathematics.  Prior to coming to Sterling, Megan taught in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Nebraska at Kearney.

Dr. Terri Gaeddert

Terri Gaeddert 2012
Associate Professor of Education; Chair of the Sterling Teacher Education Department (STEP); STEP Director, Licensure Officer, Associate Dean

Serving as the Unit Head for the Department of Education at Sterling College, Terri Gaeddert is passionate about preparing future teachers to serve and change the world through education. One characteristic of Sterling College that drew Terri to teach here is its mission and vision, which she strongly supports. Terri enjoys stamping, scrapbooking, skydiving, biking and camping in her spare time. She is married to her husband, Tim, and has two sons.

Dr. Adebukola Gbade-Oyelakin

Dr. Adebukola Gbade-Oyelakin 2012
Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Dr. Gbade-Oyelakin earned her bachelor’s in mathematics from Salem College with minors in computer science and fine art. During her undergraduate experience, she was captain of both the volleyball and tennis teams. She earned her master’s in mathematics from Wake Forest University and her doctorate in mathematics from Howard University in 2011. Following graduation, Gbade-Oyelakin completed one year as a lecturer in mathematics at Howard University.

Dr. Wai-Foong Hong

Wai-Foong Hong 2012
Associate Professor of Biology

Dr. Hong studied in Taiwan and Australia before moving to the United States. She is a specialist in genetic research and worked as a research associate for Mississippi State University and Ohio State University before coming to Sterling.

Her teaching strategy is to instruct in a way that enables students to understand the concepts thoroughly, analyze the issues critically and apply knowledge in practical ways. She also places significance on student learning through experience, by a series of practical experiments and tasks.

Dr. Daniel Julich

Dr. Daniel Julich 2012
Assistant Professor of History and Government; Honors Program Director; Dept Chair for Social Sciences

Dorothy Kempf

Dorothy Kempf.png
Pro-Rata Assistant Professor for Exercise Science

Aaron Kennedy

Aaron Kennedy 2012
Assistant Professor of Theatre Arts

Dr. Gregory P. Kerr

Vice President of Academic Affairs

Dr. Kerr began his tenure as Vice President for Academic Affairs on July 1, 2010. He provides oversight to the academic programs of Sterling College, including the School of Arts and Sciences, the School of Professional Studies, library, academic support, registrar, institutional assessment and Sterling College Online, the distance education division of the College.

Hanna Kozlowski-Slone

Hanna Kozlowski-Slone 2012
Assistant Professor of Art

Hanna Kozlowski-Slone teaches painting, drawing, photography and art history courses in the Department of Art & Design. She graduated summa cum laude from Anderson University, receiving a B.A. in art with a concentration in painting and drawing. While earning her M.F.A.from Clemson University, Hanna began working as an adjunct professor at her alma mater, where she taught a variety of art classes.

Dr. T. H. Kwa

T. H. Kwa 2012
Thompson-Ferrari Endowed Business Chair; Professor of Business

Kwa is actively involved in helping small businesses get started in Sterling by sitting on the board of the E-Community program that grants low-interest loans to small businesses. He comes to Sterling with vast experience in real estate, international business, management and many other concentrations within the business field (details are provided below under Professional Experience).