Accordian Web Page

With the accordian, <p> tags were automatically being added and distorted the original Accordian Script created in NOTEPAD ++

When adding the script to Drupal, simply switch the input format to ACCORDIAN and the <p> tags will not be added.

Otherwise, you will have to go in and delete the <p> tags from the document.

New Webpage to Open March 1st!

The newest version of is set to open March 1st to rave reviews!


All Education Meeting

Date: Friday, August 29th in Culbertson from 10:00am-11:00am. Required for all students in elementary education, secondary education, and those considering a degree in education. Contact Nancy Hicks for more information.

About Sterling, Kansas

Sterling College is located in Sterling, Kansas. The town has tremendous love for its College and is one of the biggest supporters of collegiate athletic events, theatre programs, concerts and students. As part of our foster family program, they even "adopt" college students and invite them into their homes to eat a home-cooked meal or to do laundry!

Here are some of the amenities you will find in Sterling:

Mission Trip Blogs

Keep up with their adventures by following the blogs below! Learn more about SC mission trips.