Detailed History
1886 The Synod of Kansas accepts Sterling's proposal to locate a synodical college in the town on the condition that the first building, Cooper Hall, be completed in time for classes to start November 1, 1887.
Homecoming 2013

Then the Lord said: "I am making a covenant with you. Before all your people I will do wonders never before done in any nation in all the world. The people you live among will see how awesome is the work that I, the Lord, will do for you." Ex. 34:10 Sterling College Verse of the Year 2013-2014


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The Arts

Over half of the students at Sterling College are involved in at least one area of the Fine Arts. Whatever your major, you can be involved. From professional actors to those just getting started with a paint brush, there will always be room for you at SC.

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Marking & Inventory of Personal Property

Emergency Procedures

Emergency Procedures General Emergency - Click here to see a breakdown of the SC Emergency Procedures.

Annual Security Report

Sterling College Campus Security Report On-Campus Offenses

Safety Policies

Important Policies

For more information about lifestyle expectations, see the Sterling College Student Handbook. Anyone found in violation of these expectations will face College disciplinary action and sanctions under city, state, or federal law where applicable.

Alcohol, Drugs, and Tobacco

The possession, use, sale, distribution, or manufacture of alcohol, illegal drugs, and tobacco is prohibited on campus and at all College sponsored activities.