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Academically Demanding
When you enroll at Sterling College, you sign on for more than just a few classes. At Sterling, the small school atmosphere encourages professors and students to get to know one another. It’s more than just your professors knowing you by your first name - professors here realize the abilities and skill levels of their students and push them to think big and achieve higher.
The Sterling Community
The first thing you notice in your first day at Sterling? Friendship. The community at Sterling is what people talk about years after they leave. Sterling offers the opportunity to form relationships with a diverse group of people with a wide variety of interests, people who will push you to be better and to take your faith in Christ seriously.


The Pulse of Sterling
Sputink, the clock on the right, has been the host of numerous student events throughout the years. It sees the frenzied excitement of the Highland Games at the beginning of each year, the verve of homecoming pep rally and the earnestness of 24 hour prayer vigils. It stands quiet watch over the students walking to and from class, friends chatting on its benches, and foggy morning bike rides – all from the center traffic hub of the campus.
Focus on the Arts
Over 50% of Sterling students are actively involved with the arts on campus. From theatre to painting, to the student film festival to Highland Singers, you will find a niche of people who are committed to excellence in their fields and incorporate their faith into every performance or piece that they do.
Stronger Fundamentals
Sterling’s athletic program is respected across the Great Plains for a continual presence of fierce competitors who train hard and love the game. An average of 52 athletes receive conference and All-American honors each year. The coaches care more than about the basics of the game, though. They work hard to strengthen your fundamentals of personal faith and character through every conversation, practice and game.

Science of Learning
Whether you’re in the lab, writing an essay, or crunching the numbers for a math class, Sterling College faculty will push you to think in new ways and discover innovative solutions to the scenarios you face. While they’re teaching you to sharpen your focus, they’re also setting you up with the knowledge, experience and confidence you will need to step into the next phase of your life.