McCreery Hall Staff

Addie Swihart--McCreery Hall Resident Director

Years worked at SC: I will be starting my third year this fall.

Hometown: St. Francis, KS

College attended and degree earned: Sterling College, Elementary Education

Best residence life memory from my college days: There are so many memories I cherish from my time as a student at Sterling, but some of my favorite memories revolve around a weekly tradition that happened my freshman year.  A group of about 20 students would meet up at the library around midnight on Thursdays.  We would walk to C-Mart (the gas station several blocks away), load up on snacks, laugh, hoot and holler, and then walk back to campus.  It was a rare day that we were back before 2:00 am, so it was easiest just to have a sleepover with the girls for a few hours before Friday classes!

Favorite way to spend a Saturday: I would probably take a walk in the morning, go to an SC sporting event that evening, and then hang out with a group of friends later that night.

Best thing about my job: I love getting to know the girls in my building and working alongside the Student Life staff.

What the residents in my hall can expect: In McCreery Hall, you can expect a welcoming and safe environment in which to live.  You can expect to have a staff that cares for you as an individual and wants the best for you in all areas of your life.

Caity McCreight--Resident Assistant

Year: Sophomore

Major: Biblical Studies

Hometown: Jewell, KS

Favorite class: Gender and Ethnic Issues in Ministry with Christian Dashiell

What is the thing you love most about living in your residence hall? I love the close-knit community feeling that has grown in my group of friends.  I enjoy being able to hop from room to room and being able to find friendly people in every single room.  McCreery is a great place for friends, but it's also a great place to study and focus on the Lord.  It is all around the perfect place for me!

What you're all about: I am all about enjoying the life that God gave me!  I love playing music (piano) in the praise bands as well as just by myself.  I love to read, watch movies, be creative, and bake.  Friends are the greatest blessing God could have given me!  God is AWESOME, and I love sharing that with everyone--life is so good!

Ashley Stanford--Resident Assistant

Year: Sophomore

Major: Business Administration

Hometown: Fairfield, CA

Favorite class: New Testament with Dr. Briones

What is the thing you love most about living in your residence hall? The friendships you make in the residence hall are the best.  You always have someone to talk to and hang out with.

What you're all about: I'm all about living for God and having a good time doing it, and I love track and field.

Britnie Jenkins--Resident Assistant

Year: Senior

Major: English, Writing & Editing with a creative writing emphasis

Hometown: Cimarron, KS

Favorite class: I have really enjoyed my Creative Writing classes with Dr. Squires.

What is the thing you love most about living in your residence hall?  I love living down the hall from my best friends, and the community that is created in living in the residence halls.

What you're all about: I believe strongly in Jesus, the Oxford comma, and the power of words.

Cassidy Woodard--Resident Assistant

Year: Sophomore

Major: Music Education

Hometown: Abilene, KS

Favorite class: Choir/Highland Singers with Professor Clark and Dr. NIx

What is the thing you love most about living in your residence hall? The best thing about McCreery Hall is the community!

What you're all about: My life mainly consists of God, music, Disney movies, and Boy Meets World.


Michaela Moore--Resident Assistant

Year: Sophomore

Major: Christian Ministries, emphasis in Missions

Hometown: Wichita, KS

Favorite class: Concepts of Health and Physical