Sterling College Sophomore Michael Gordon Stars in Independent Film

Release Date: 
March 8, 2010

Sterling College sophomore Michael Gordon went to the Asheville Film Festival in North Carolina this past November—and watched himself on the big screen. Gordon played the lead in the film “War Stories,” which premiered at Asheville in the feature film category.It was a bit like stepping into the past. “War Stories” was filmed four years ago when Gordon was in high school. Though he had acted in more than twenty shows at that point, they had all been stage productions, so when Gordon heard of a film being produced in the Wichita area, his home town, he decided to expand his experience. “(T)ons of other people” showed up at the auditions, he said, but he tried out for the lead role, and got it.“It was a great first film project to work on. Lee is a talented director,” said Gordon. “He has a good eye—and he is able to draw characters out with t