Student's Short Film Is Shown at Company Screening in Wichita

Release Date: 
December 16, 2009

It was a combination of circumstances, plucky boldness, and talent that gave Sterling College student Kelly Johnson the chance to have his short film "Milk" previewed last month at a company screening of IMG, a film production company in Wichita.
The circumstances worked like this: The wife of Nick Unruh, a cinematographer at IMG, happens to work at the same school where Johnson's aunt teaches. One day Unruh's wife mentioned what her husband does. Johnson's aunt mentioned that her nephew, then a senior at Lyons High School, is interested in a career in the film industry. The wife gave the aunt a business card; the aunt passed it to her nephew, and with plucky boldness Johnson gave Unruh a call.
That call resulted in Johnson being invited to watch IMG do some filming. He was then asked to serve as a grip for a film. He formed a friendship with Unruh, and when a former schoolmate from Lyons High School approac