Amy Thompson

Amy Thompson 2012
Director of Alumni and Parent Relations

Amy Thompson graduated from Sterling in 1996, where she was involved in choir, theatre, forensics, youth ministries, and dorm government among other things. Armed with her degree in communication and theatre arts, she headed to Nashville, Tenn., where she did her internship and then found employment in the country music industry. However, she could not pass up the opportunity to return to her beloved SC when she was offered the position of director of alumni and parent services in 1998. After serving in that role, and briefly that of admissions counselor for five years, Amy decided to quit talking about graduate school and moved to St. Paul, Minn., where she obtained an M.A. in communication from Bethel University.

Having completed her thesis on cross-cultural communication, Amy found herself uniquely prepared for work overseas as a constituency bridger with World Renew, formerly known as the Christian Reformed World Relief Committee (CRWRC). After two years living in Africa, working with North Americans coming and going and with nationals, building their capacity for volunteer management, Amy returned to the States. She spent one-and-a-half years working with international students at Lamar Community College in southeast Colorado before being completely surprised by her return to her old position at Sterling.

“I have always loved SC. This is my third time around at SC and each time is both different and the same. Watching how God works in and through SC and the SC family on campus and around the world, along with the campus community and the Sterling community are what bring me back.“

Amy’s favorite color is green and she is known to break out in spontaneous song. She is a travel, documentary, hot tea, and scrapbooking aficionado. Amy loves nothing more than to catch up with friends, old and new alike. So if you are on campus and looking for a fun (not necessarily quiet, Amy is not known for her quietness) respite, a chance to look at photos, share stories and sign the guest book - stop by her office in Kelsey Hall and she'll offer a steaming cup of hot tea just for you. (Perhaps you could all break into singing the Alma Mater together, teach our current students how it’s really done.)


Master of Arts in Communications from Bethel University
Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Sterling College


Kelsey Hall

Contact Information

Phone: (620) 278-4228