Gregory P. Kerr, Ph.D.
Vice President for Academic Affairs

These twelve important words, Sterling College’s mission, are full of meaning. It is a clear mission that can draw us together, can attract students, and can honor the Lord. Let us look at few aspects of these dozen words.

Developing leaders is important to Sterling College having kingdom impact beyond just the students that walk across the stage at commencement. And with leadership skills additional opportunities open for our graduates. But it is not just generic leaders that Sterling College aspires to develop. The characteristics of these leaders are important. We strive to develop leaders who are creative. Of all creation, humans are unique as God’s image bearers. Creativity is one aspect of this image bearing. So developing the creativity of students is integral to connecting students to who they are in Christ. Creativity is also needed in any discipline that the students pursue—sciences, arts, business, education, and it is an essential part of effective leadership.

We also strive to develop thoughtful leaders. The term “thoughtful leaders” can be interpreted to be those that think deeply or as those that are considerate of the needs of others. Both of these character traits should be developed. Leaders need to have well developed analytical skill and understand people.

Finally, this must all be done in a Christian context. As Christians, we understand that a Christian worldview is both fundamentally different from non-Christian worldviews and most accurately represents reality. A Christian worldview is one that has been made possible by the transformational regeneration of the Holy Spirit, a regeneration that embraces the central truth of the universe: God is. That is the living, personal God revealed through the Bible and His creation. So the leaders we develop are not lording it over others, but serving. In all these areas, the Christian foundations of our view of the world should be evident.

Connecting our Christian faith to our educational process is at the core of why Sterling College began almost 125 years ago and why it is here today. The mission, pursued with academic excellence, honors God. Join us in continuing to build the tradition of academic excellence informed by a Christ-centered worldview.