Jenni Zaid West

Sterling strives to develop leaders

There are many reasons to be involved in a service project. Serving is a learning experience
and rewarding to those who participate. It is an opportunity to learn the needs of others, such as those of the schools we attend and the communities in which we live. It is through service to others that we become able to gain a sense of community and connect ourselves with society.

At the personal level, serving will raise my own awareness of the need for change. That awareness, in turn, will make me more capable of raising the awareness of others. The goal, then, is to put this knowledge to good use and take action. As we become adults in a democratic society, it becomes our duty to lead and serve. Therefore, it is imperative that we seek education and apply it. As an educated young woman, I am obligated to use my knowledge and understanding to serve in providing a better world for future generations.

Societal involvement has seemingly declined in the last few decades. A service project opens doors to the realization of the impact one can make. Serving others lays a solid foundation for others to follow and serve as well, generating domino-like effects. One service project can change one person’s outlook on participation and action leading to change. Above all, I should be involved in a service project because I am educated, knowledgeable, and capable of making an impact. If the only outcome of a service project is a new understanding of another’s perspective, then that project will have been time and effort well spent.

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