Prospective Music Students

Sterling strives to develop leaders

Audition Dates

Auditions are currently arranged on an appointment basis. We chedule an audition time that is convenient with your schedule. If you are planning on visiting the campus, we will plan an audition at that time.

Audition Requirements and Tips

  • Dress for success—professional attire (Business Attire) is recommended for your audition.
    The better you look the better you will feel and the more confidence you will have.
  • Be prepared—Check with the department for individual requirements for your instrument.

Admissions at Sterling College

Follow this link to visit the SC Admissions page. On this page you can find information about campus tours, financial aid, and application procedures, materials.

Skills Assessment

When you audition or when you enroll a skills assessment will be given to all potential music majors and minors. This will assess your knowledge / skills needed to enter the program is limited, it is helpful to have some background in these areas. Contact Dr. Brad Nix to enquire about Music Theory preparation.