Language and Literature Faculty

Dr. Felicia Squires

Felicia Squires 2012
Professor of Language & Literature; Chair of the Language & Literature Department

Squires models continuous knowledge and growth in the field of language and literature for her students.

Gentry Sutton

Gentry Sutton 2012
Assistant Professor of Language and Literature, Associate Dean for Assessment and Accreditation

Dr. Mark Watney

Mark Watney 2012
Assistant Professor of Language & Literature

Mark was born and raised in South Africa and immigrated to the United States in 1977. He has been a part of a few short-term mission trips to Japan, India and Turkey. Mark is married to his wife, Laurel, with three sons: Caleb, Micah and Josiah. He won the Who’s Who Among American Teachers Award in 1998 from Belmont High School from Los Angeles, Calif.