Sterling College Chess Club

The purpose of the Sterling College Chess club is to promote the game of chess on campus. Chess is a great game and teaches many valuable skills, including learning from your mistakes, Making decisions, and dealing with the consequences.

The Sterling College Chess Club was started in February 2015 to promote the game of Chess on campus.

Spring 2016

Some of the things that we plan to do this spring are:

  • Game nights
  • Spring kickoff
  • Chess variant night
  • Chess expert night


  • Mark Watney

Current Officers:

  • Matthew Garrett
  • Shelby Stowe
  • Sierra Gant
  • Landee Gutshall

History of Chess:

The game of chess is very ancient. It is thought to have originated in India or china. The word Chess comes from the Arabic word shah, meaning king. Chess traveled to the Arabic empire and eventually found it's way to Europe. Along the way it developed into the game we have today.

Chess is played on a 8x8 board with 6 different kinds of pieces. The king, queen, rook, bishop, knight, and pawn. Each piece has a different move.

  • The king moves one square in any direction.
  • The queen moves any number of squares in one direction forward, backward, or diagonally.
  • The Bishop moves any number of squares diagonally.
  • The knight moves in an L shape, two squares in one direction then one square in another, jumping over any pieces in between.
  • The rook moves any number of squares horizontally or vertically.
  • The pawn moves one square at a time forward except that on it's first move it can move 2 forward and when capturing it moves only 1 square diagonally forward.

There are many advantages to learning chess:

  • Chess teaches how to make small advances to accomplish something big.
  • Chess teaches critical thinking, evaluating the relative merits of different courses of action.
  • Chess teaches patience, sometimes a move is good but needs to be done later.