Mission Trip Leader Application

General Team Leader Information - Due October 9
Citizenship and Passport Information
Medical Information
General Health
Miscellaneous Information

If you are a team leader, you have five days granted to you that do not count as PTO leave. 

General Mission Profile

1. Are you willing, after having received the necessary training to at all times on the trip behave in a manner that will give no offense to people of other religious convictions?
2. Would you be willing to speak or give your testimony in a church service while on missions?
3. Are you willing to commit to being involved in the report-back chapel after the mission trip, including a written report for a sponsor or a donor? 
4. Are you willing to send out support letters to friends and family to raise the major part of the trip expenses?
5. Are you willing to accept the authority of the Missions Deparatmetn and obey their instructions while on the mission trip? (Serious moral infractions will result in automatic return to the U.S. at your expense).
6. In the unlikely event that this trip is cancelled due to safety or other concerns, you do not have the right to receive a refund. The same applies if a you can no longer go on the scheduled trip or decide not to go. Attempts will be made to incorporate them on another mission team, otherwise all collected funds will be placed in the General Mission fund for future trips. Do you accept this policy?
7. There will be serveral financial deadlines. Team leaders and members are responsible for overseeing their individual fundraising accounts to make sure that these deadlines are met. Failrure to emet these deadlines may place team members in jeopardy of being released from the mission team and trip. Are you willing to accept this policy?
8. In order to build team unity and prepare for the trip there will be training sessions, team meetings, prayer meetings, debriefing meetings and fundraisers that all team members are required to attend. Attendance at the whole Ropes training every year in May is also mandatory. Are you willing to accept this responsibility as a team leader?
9. Team leaders have to accept responsibility to stay within the team budget. If a large debt of over $1,000 occurs, team leaders will have to refund this. Naturally individual circumstances will be taken into account and judged on a case to case basis. Do you agree to this?
10. Are you willing to attend teh manadatory team leader training that is offered? 

Personal Responses: