Bible Studies

In addition to chapel services, students also have the opportunity to attend several Bible studies that are led by Resident Assistants and Student Chaplains. These studies give students an alternative way to earn the 14 chapel credits that are required for every full-time student. The studies tend to be focused around a certain subject, book, or section of the Bible.

Health Services

Health Services

Sterling College Health Services provides professional care in a friendly and caring manner.

Health Insurance

Health Center

Health Insurance

Sterling College will not be offering a health insurance plan to students for the 2014-2015 school year. Information about health insurance can be found at

Tuition Insurance

Sterling College offers tuition insurance through Sallie Mae.

Refund Policy Acknowledgement

Counseling Services

Sterling college offers short-term counseling services free to any of our students.  The purpose of providing these services is to improve their academic performance and  their emotional, social, and spiritual well-being.  Research indicates that students who struggle socially or emotionally are more likely to either drop out of school or transfer.  We aim to reach out to those students, so that their college experience can be more enjoyable and successful.