Dr. Dale Levering


Sterling College is a gift from God in the eyes of Dale.  Dale and Dina Levering consider Sterling as their “mission duty station”; i.e., the place the LORD has settled them to enact the ministry He has placed on them.  That ministry, in simple terms, is to preach and teach.  The outworking of preaching is seen by the Leverings in the context of pastoring; e.g., pastoring a congregation, a student fellowship, and being a spiritual father or mother to Sterling College students.  The outworking of teaching is seen in the context of academia; particularly, in a Christ-centered college.  Sterling College is a great place for the Leverings.

Migrating business students and entrepreneurs toward business-as-mission is a resonant burden on Dale’s heart.  Encouraging the upcoming generation of opinion leaders to engage business with a Kingdom of God perspective, purpose, and impact is the élan vital of business-as-mission.  Dale can make an offering to Sterling College from his heart and experience.

Dale W. Levering has academic training from The Citadel, Washburn University and Kansas State University.  Dale has past experience with the U.S. Navy (medical-served with USMC), the banking industry, U.S. Department of Commerce, agriculture, Christian ministry and collegiate level teaching.  Dale honestly hesitates to share much information about his career and accomplishments because of the teaching found in Luke 17:5-10 (summarized: we are unprofitable servants, we have done that which was our duty to do).  God has uniquely aligned Dale to contribute toward business-as-mission and pointing peoples’ decisions toward God.


Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics from Kansas State University
M.B.A. in Finance and Management from Kansas State University
Bachelor of Business Administration from Washburn University
B.A. in Military History from The Citadel


Thompson 215

Contact Info

Phone: (620) 278-4299
Email:  dlevering@sterling.edu