Dr. Felicia Squires


Squires models continuous knowledge and growth in the field of language and literature for her students.

Her students said of her, “Her effective communication skills changed the way I interpret literature. Her passion for students to learn and understand literature surpasses that of any other literature professor I’ve ever had. She is always willing to provide extra one-on-one help to any student in and out of the classroom. Above all, her passion and love for Christ, her flexibility in the classroom and her effective communication skills make her an exemplary professor.”

Squires has taught at Sterling since 1998. In 2008-2009 she was the William McCreery Teacher of the Year.  


Ph.D. in American Literature from Catholic University of America
M.A. in English from East Tennessee State University
B.A. in Biblical Studies and Linguistics from Northwest Christian College


Kelsey - Language & Literature Suite

Contact Information

Phone: (620) 278-4326
Email: fsquires@sterling.edu