Estephany Moncada

Estephany is a Honduran born raised in California. It was living in the city that opened her eyes to the hardships that people are presented with in life. It was the homelessness, the poverty, and stories of the abuse people suffered that instigated a desire within her to do justice for others. This passion led Estephany to major in pre-law while at Sterling; She hopes to continue her education in law school in the future. 

Estephany is honored to be a part of the Sterling College family, and excited to further serve her Alma Mater. The idea of empowering others by providing resources that enable students to be successful through the her role as Academic Support Director, was one that was too good to pass up.

On her free time she enjoys reading at the lake, a good exercise around town, and visiting her Sterling family around town. 



Estephany Moncada - Sterling College