Gentry Sutton


Gentry brings a diverse set of experiences to Sterling College. As a writing instructor, he benefits from his background as a professional writer and editor. He began his editorial career by working as an academic editor and editing adult education materials. He is also an experienced composition instructor, and he is the author of Team Church: Big-League Teamwork to Strengthen the Local Church, in which he draws from his experience as a Sterling College baseball player. In addition to teaching composition, Gentry teaches many of the core courses in the college's new writing and editing program.

Brooke, who is the library associate in Mabee Library, is the love of Gentry’s life. Brooke and Gentry have three children: Isaac, Ian and Ireland.

When asked about what aspects of servant-leadership are most evident among the college community, Gentry says:

"Sterling College employees have a wonderful perk that many people in today’s workforce do not have. That is, when we have disagreements as a community, we can know that they’re not rooted in egoism and the need to have things 'our own way,' but in passion, commitment to excellence and a genuine desire to ensure that all we do aligns with our mission. Because of that assurance, we listen to each other and take each other seriously. I’ve also found that our community is an incredibly hard-working one, which often means that we help each other do whatever needs to be done."

Gentry is currently pursuing a doctorate in educational ministry, learning about new and exciting ways to integrate faith in the classroom.


M.A. in English from Emporia State University
B.A. in English from Sterling College


Kelsey Hall

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Phone: (620) 278-4460