Heather Oden

Heather absolutely loves working with Sterling students. She works part-time as a certified Life Coach for SC as well as serving​ as the Sterling College Sexual Assault Advocate. Heather is passionate about helping students find direction and freedom as well as connecting to the deep sense of purpose and meaning they were created to enjoy.

Life Coaching is about creating a realistic and workable plan to get someone from where they are to where they want to be. Coaching sessions are a productive way to see tangible change. Coaching is different than therapy in a number of ways. While some therapeutic feeling conversations may happen on a small scale during coaching, the focus of coaching is to identify where the hurdles are they keep students from the success they could have in school, relationships, and their spiritual or personal lives. Heather loves to help students move into the most real, most free, most purposeful version of themselves, turning obstacles into strengths. Life coaching is effective for a number of issues. Students have successfully worked through struggles with less severe forms of anxiety and depression, communication/relationships, sexual assault, trauma recovery, purpose/direction in life, spiritual direction, and many other types of issues.

As a trained Sexual Assault Advocate and a survivor of sexaul trauma, Heather has first-hand experience at walking through the healing that comes after assault, as well as walking alongside other survivors as they find freedom. Heather is a non-mandated reporter, which means that Heather can legally keep all information shared by a student confidential. Any information shared with Heather about an incident on or off campus will remain confidential. In addition to helping students through the healing process, there are many other services and resources that Heather can provide to assist and care for students in crisis, post crisis, or in dealing with an event that happened years prior.

Heather is a graduate of Sterling College with a degree in education. After teaching at both the elementary and college levels, Heather stayed home to raise the family that she and her husband, Jon, created. After being at home for fifteen years, Heather endured some life-changing experiences that prompted her to start the nonprofit charitable organization that she now serves as Executive Director for: Light Up The Dark. She is a speaker and writer and oversees the organization's outreach programs. Jon and Heather are long-time Sterling residents. Jon is a fifth-generation farmer and rancher. They have three (not little) children, J.J., Cody, and Caitlin, living on earth and a son, Jacob, who transitioned into heaven in 2016 after a tragic car accident. As a family, they continue to enjoy traveling and supporting each other in their individual sporting and extra-curricular activities.


Email: heather.oden@sterling.edu