Jeremy Labosier

Jeremy developed a passion to resource learning communities as he served in ministry, the auto industry, and higher education.  In each context, he eagerly sought to deepen a love for learning.  His graduate research focused on embedded librarianship as a means of addressing student learning needs through an integrative educational experience.   

As Siri and Google gratify desires for immediacy, Jeremy strives to equip students with the discerning skills to achieve excellence.  Quick, efficient research is simply part of living well.  Over the last decade, Jeremy helped remove the pain and complexity from the research process at Bethel Seminary's East Coast graduate libraries. 

Jeremy earned two degrees in religion prior to studying library and information science at Wayne State.  On or off campus, Jeremy enjoys sharing life with others.  The quest to experience more sky and elevation regularly takes him around the county. 


Mabee Library

Contact Information

Phone: 620-278-4390