Strategic Plan

Beginning in August 2011 and concluding in January 2012, Sterling College engaged in a strategic planning process in which representatives from diverse constituencies have participated. The Strategic Planning Task Force was made up of 25 representatives from the College administration, faculty, student body, alumni, Board of Trustees, and the Sterling community. From this process, it was determined that the central, strategic initiative that Sterling College will focus on during the next five years will be to develop its academic program.

This will include three broad objectives:


To Sterling College, academic strength means developing its reputation for academic quality. It means being recognized in the region for having reliable and consistent standards of academic excellence. It does not mean seeking an elite status. Furthermore, this vision for academic strength is to be accomplished in a way that adds to two vital aspects of our campus identity, our culture of community and our commitment to the integration of Christian faith and academics.

Sterling College has academic offerings that can be attractive and beneficial to a wider constituency. This plan includes elements that will broaden the scope of courses and programs that are offered online; evaluate the current physical space on Sterling’s campus; and evaluate the addition of physical sites in other areas of Kansas. Finally, these changes need to be communicated to a wider audience so that the quality of a Sterling College education becomes known.