Summer 2014 Courses

Sterling College Online is offering a selection of general education courses during the summer of 2014 at a special reduced rate of $135 per credit hour---more than 60% off our normal tuition and a better deal than can be found just about anywhere!

Earn credits online with an easy application and enrollment process! This is a great opportunity for…

·   College Athletes - Earn credits to help with eligibility!
·   Current Sterling Students - Skip the hassle of community college applications and transcript requests, and work with faculty you know and trust!
·   High School Students - Get a jump start on college!
·   All Students - Lighten your load for future semesters or work towards graduating early!

Remember, many colleges limit how many hours you can earn from a community college. Enroll now at Sterling College, an accredited four-year institution!

Enroll Now! Deadline for enrollment is June 23 (July 7 - August 24) for Summer Session 2.


Enroll Now!