Biology Students Share Scienc with Children at Kansas Kids' Museum

Release Date: 
February 23, 2010

Ireland Sutton, age seven, learned that if she put her thumb over the end of the plastic drinking straw, she really could jab it through a potato in one thrust. It's possible, explained one of Sterling College's biology majors, because of the captured air pressure built up in the straw. The SC biology majors spent the afternoon of February 13 at the Kansas Kids' Museum in Hutchinson teaching kids all sorts of science like this-and all through the use of potatoes.

For the past six years students from SC's Biology Department have hosted an afternoon at the museum, which gives them a different theme to work with each year. Two years ago it was birds; last year it was food chemistry; this year it was the potato. After learning the theme, the biology students got to work, planning experiments with potatoes that would teach children about science. "It's a wonderful way to share science wi