Interdisciplinary Studies

The Interdisciplinary studies major combines the strengths of two or more existing majors in order to better prepare students for a specific career path.


Art and Design - Sterling College

Our varied and well-balanced art experiences lead to individual creative growth through visual and tactile means.
Concentrations: Drawing/Painting, Graphic Design, Illustration, Self-Directed Studio, Studio/Fine Art, Photography


Biblical Studies - Sterling College

Be trained to study the Bible in depth, including its original languages, its historical context, and its cohesive story, as a step toward seminary or ministry.



Biology - Sterling College

Prepare for careers in biological sciences, medicine, nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine, pharmacy and physical therapy. You can also be licensed to teach science in partnership with our education department.
Concentrations: Environmental Biology, General Biology, Human Biology, Molecular Biology and Pre-Physical Therapy.

Business Administration - Sterling College

Dedicated to equipping students with the skills necessary to succeed in a rapidly evolving global economy.
Concentrations: Accounting, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Management, Marketing, or Real Estate.


Chemistry - Sterling College

Prepare to find satisfying career opportunities in laboratory bench work, graduate studies in chemistry or pharmacy, and in various health-related professions. Students may also earn an education licensure for grades 6-12 in conjuncture with our education department.


Christian Ministries - Sterling College

Be equipped to lead and serve in ministry, with study of the Bible, theology, spiritual formation, and hands-on skills. 
Concentrations: Missions, Sports Ministry, Worship Arts, Youth and Family Ministries


Develop critical thinking and reflection skills about the theological, philosophical, and ethical claims of Christianity with a view towards integration into everyday life.




Explore a range of topics including media, speech, journalism, filmmaking and more. Take advantage of our Best Semester programs in L.A., Nashville and Washington D.C.
Concentrations: Cinema Production, Communication Studies, Journalism, Multimedia Production, Public Relations.


The objective of the Criminal Justice major is to prepare students to enter the law enforcement profession directly upon graduation, or to continue their education in law school or graduate school.
Concentrations: Law Enforcement and Pre-Law


Our respected and established education department prepares you to be among the best of the leaders shaping future generations. Teach elementary or become certified in a variety of other fields for secondary education.


The English major helps prepare students for careers in business, education and public service, and for graduate study in fields such as ministry, law, business, government, public relations and journalism, as well as advanced academic study in English.


Health and Human Performance - Sterling College

The Health and Human Performance program helps prepare students for careers in clinical exercise physiology, strength and conditioning, physical education, and community recreation. Additionally, the major also produces the prerequisites for graduate study in a variety of related fields such as kinesiology, pedagogy, sports management and advanced medical or clinical degrees. 


The Health Science major prepares students for graduate studies in the area of allied health fields. 
Concentrations: Pre-Athletic Training, Pre-Occupational Therapy, Pre-Physical Therapy


Trains students to demonstrate knowledge of the past and to think independently and critically about past and present events and their relationship to each other.


This unique opportunity gives students the chance to work with their adviser to custom-build a major based on their talents and passions. Have a unique skill set or have a specific career path in mind? This is a great option for you.


A major in mathematics prepares students for graduate school or entry level positions in business, industry or secondary education.
Concentrations: Mathematics and Pre-Engineering


The music major prepares students for a variety of career options, including arts management, arranging and recording, church music ministry, performance, private music instruction and music therapy, as well as graduate studies.
Concentrations: Vocal Performance, Piano Performance, Instrumental Performance, Music Education, Music in Worship


The psychology major provides courses that prepare students for productive family and community life, employment in human service related entry-level positions and graduate study in psychology.
Concentrations: Research & Clinical Psychology and Social Services Psychology


Students have the option of choosing from four concentrations to focus on a particular career track.
Concentrations: Club, Fitness and Recreation; Coaching and Instruction; Collegiate, Professional or Corporate Sport Administration; Marketing, Promotions and Sports Information.


The theatre arts major provides students with focused study in theatre history, criticism, literature, design and advanced performance and production including acting, stagecraft and directing. Laboratories give students acting and production experience through an annual season of plays and musicals.
Concentrations: Directing, General, Performance and Technical

The writing and editing major equips students with the knowledge and skills to write and edit for a variety of audiences and occasions. Students will be prepared for employment in a variety of fields and for graduate study.
Concentrations: Creative Writing, Professional Writing and Self-Directed