About the Program

green screen workThe communication and media arts major explores a range of communication interests including theory, principles and practices in mass media communication and speech communication. From interpersonal and group communication to public speaking and mass media, the emphasis balances theory with hands-on practice through the media laboratory (radio, audio/video production, public relations, journalism) or the forensics (public speaking and interpretive events) and debate (policy, Lincoln-Douglas, and parliamentary) laboratory and/or team. Whether exploring communication differences between men and women, learning of communication practices around the world or exploring camera angles and lighting techniques, students receive valuable exposure to virtually all elements of communication.

Students may also spend a semester at the Los Angeles Film Studies Center studying film, interning at a significant Hollywood company, interacting with Christian leaders in the film community and learning and practicing a variety of filmmaking skills. Another significant program available is the Summer Institute of Journalism in Washington, D.C., where students spend four weeks interacting with journalists, writing news stories and enhancing portfolios and résumés. Both of these programs are offered through Sterling’s membership in the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities.


What Can I Do With This Major?

  • News media
  • Public relations
  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Sales
  • Language
  • Human services
  • Editing and writing
  • Graduate/law school

Sample Courses

Extracurricular Activities

  • The Observer - Sterling College's student newspaper, printed for on-campus reading and hosted on the Warrior Student Media website. An archive of The Observer's digital publications may be found here.
  • Debate and Forensics - Sterling's competitive speaking and acting program, known throughout campus and by alumni for their exceptional performance.
  • "In the Know" TV lab - A hands-on film production lab, featuring Sterling College weekly news.
  • Sterling Film Festival - Sterling College's student film showcase.

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Ken Troyer
Associate Professor of Communication;
Chair of the Communication, Media and Theatre Arts Department;
Director of Forensics and Debate
Todd Vogts - Sterling College
Todd Vogts
Assistant Professor of Media
Holly Schmidt - Sterling College
Holly Schmidt
Assistant Professor of Public Relations & Digital Media