Tyus Hooks - Sterling College
Assistant Resident Director
Associate Professor of Business
Assistant Professor of Business
Head Women's Basketball Coach
Nathan Bean - Sterling College
Assistant Men's Basketball Coach
Morgan Benham - Sterling College
Assistant Clinical Professor for Health Science; Athletic Trainer: Coverage of Volleyball, M/W Swimming, Softball
Micah Black - Sterling College
Web and Visual Arts Specialist
Associate Professor of History
Jessica Boor - Sterling College
Head Cheer Coach
Paul Brandes - Sterling College
Associate Vice President for Student Life and Church Relations
Jason Briar - Sterling College
Vice President for Student Life
Vice President for Academic Affairs
 Larry Brownlee '80
Assistant Professor of Instrumental Music
Lydia Butner - Sterling College
Campus Counselor
Glenn Butner - Sterling College
Assistant Professor of Theology and Ministry
Brett Callan - Sterling College
Director of Ministry Teams
Assistant Professor of Music; Music Department Co-Chair
Director of Alumni
Student Accounts Coordinator
Professor of Biology; Department Chair of Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Dylan Connolly - Sterling College
Head Baseball Coach
Sam Couture - Sterling College
McCreery Hall Resident Director
Brett Couture - Sterling College
Director of Academic Support and Student Engagement
Jonah Couture - Sterling College
Assistant Coach for Cross Country / Track & Field
Angelica Daggs
Evans Hall Resident Director and Enrollment Services Counselor