Ramona Acevedo - Sterling College
Nancy Acuna - Sterling College
William Anderson - Sterling College
Assistant Professor of Education
Associate Professor of Business
Lil Ball - Sterling College
Administrative Assistant for Advancement and Alumni
Head Women's Basketball Coach
Dr. Emily Becker - Sterling College
Assistant Professor of History
Micah Black - Sterling College
Web and Visual Arts Specialist
Associate Professor of History
Luke Brake - Sterling College
Assistant Professor of Language and Literature
Jase Brandt - Sterling College
Campus Mailroom Supervisor, Director of Audiovisual Support
Jason Briar - Sterling College
Vice President for Student Life
Derek Brouillette - Sterling College
Assistant Football Coach
Vice President for Academic Affairs
 Larry Brownlee '80
Assistant Professor of Instrumental Music
Debbie Burgess - Sterling College
Disability Coordinator and Success Coach
Amanda Burkhart - Sterling College
Assistant Professor of Athletic Training; New Faculty Mentor Coordinator
Patty Burrola - Sterling College
Glenn Butner - Sterling College
Assistant Professor of Theology and Ministry
Assistant Professor of Music
Jose Carillo - Sterling College
Campus Pastor & Missions
Accounts Receivable Coordinator
Student Accounts Coordinator
Sydney Comley - Sterling College
Evans Hall Resident Director
Professor of Biology; Department Chair of Natural Sciences & Mathematics