About the Program

The psychology department offers a strong, sequenced program to develop a professional mindset in students through course work, research and opportunities for practical experience. Departmental offerings take the student through a sequence of introductory, intermediate and advanced courses in psychology.

The faculty hold regular informational meetings for departmental students. The faculty also invite students to several social gatherings in their homes. The students have organized a Behavioral Science Club that is involved in community service. At times, the club has planned additional student programs. The club also raises funds to promote student attendance at regional conventions.

What Can I Do With This Major?

  • Human services
  • Mental health agencies
  • Community service agencies
  • Police and corrections agencies
  • Graduate school (psychology and anthropology)
  • Social work
  • School counselor
  • Teacher/professor
  • Correctional officer/administrator
  • Case workers

Sample Courses

Extracurricular Activities

  • Behavioral Science Club


Dr. Jennifer Dyson
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Dr. Brian Mills
Associate Professor of Psychology