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There is a large demand in our society for healthcare professionals, placing more emphasis on healthcare providers who know the facts, are able to apply them in appropriate situations, and are committed to caring for the entire person. We utilize a curriculum that is intentional in providing the foundational knowledge in anatomy, physiology, exercise science, nutrition, and health. We have gone further than most and have amped it up with courses specific to healthcare like ethics, biomechanics, administration, and injury prevention/recognition. The three concentrations mirror one another for the first 4 semesters then start to diversify into the separate concentrations to prepare the students for application to the specific graduate school programs. The program’s course requirements and pre-requisites have been vetted with outside input from AT, OT, and PT programs in the area to ensure the students preparedness for application.

The Health Science Department also houses the college’s first and only on-campus Master’s Degree. Sterling College has the 1st CAATE Accredited Masters of Science in Athletic Training Degree in the State of Kansas, offering high achieving and motivated SC students an opportunity to complete their Bachelors and Masters in 5 years in our “3+2” Program!

The Health Science Department is dedicated to providing an excellent Christian education within an environment shaped by the mission, vision, and core values of the institution. From this institutional platform, the department is committed to developing service-oriented Christian healthcare professionals. 


  • Pre-Athletic Training 
    "3+2” Program: Highly motivated and achieving students have a unique opportunity to finish the Health Science Pre-AT program and be accepted into the Master of Science in Athletic Training Program after their 3rd year. The opportunity offers the student to finish their Bachelor’s and Master’s in 5 years! Thus, providing a “Fast Track” for the student through the curriculum and saving thousands of dollars in tuition.
  • Pre-Occupational Therapy
  • Pre-Physical Therapy

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Health Science Pre-AT “2+3”

Health Science Pre-PT

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Dr. Ryan "Pete" Manely
Professor of Athletic Training, Director of Graduate Athletic Training Program, Director of Athletic Training Services, Department Chair for Health Science
Nicole Eastes - Sterling College
Dr. Nicole Eastes
Assistant Professor of Athletic Training, Clinical Education Coordinator for Graduate Athletic Training Program,  Director of Faith & Learning
Amanda Burkhart - Sterling College
Athletic Training Program Clinical Education Coordinator; Assistant Professor of Athletic Training and Health Science; New Faculty Mentor Coordinator
Andrew Drake - Sterling College
Head Athletic Trainer Assistant Clinical Professor of Athletic Training
Anna Kuns - Sterling College
Assistant Clinical Professor of Athletic Training
Ashley Gaeddert - Sterling College
Assistant Clinical Professor of Athletic Training