About the Program

student mission tripThe Christian Ministries major and minors focus on practical, hands-on training for ministry. We offer concentrations in Missions, Sports Ministry and Youth & Family Ministries. The Missions concentration includes training in either international or domestic service. The Sports Ministry concentration seeks to equip and prepare students to be successful sport ministers. The Youth & Family Ministries concentration prepares students to serve as a youth pastor, family pastor, or children’s pastor.

The Christian Ministries major and minors are designed for those who want to serve in ministry right after college. All of them include a strong background in the Bible and theology, spiritual formation, and the skills to be able to work effectively within a church or parachurch ministry. Check out our department’s curriculum or Sterling College’s Academic Catalog for more specifics.
The goal of the Theology & Ministry Department at Sterling College is to cultivate virtuous character, Christ-centered wisdom, and vocational excellence in our community of students. We host a number of other events, like a fall theology conference and fun get-togethers, that you can read more about on our department’s page.


  • Missions
  • Sports Ministry
  • Youth & Family Ministries

Associated Minors

  • Missions
  • Youth & Family Ministries
  • Theology & Ministry (general minor)

What can I do with this major? 

  • Work for a church as a youth pastor, family pastor, or children’s pastor
  • Serve as a musical worship leader at a church or camp
  • Missions work, international or domestic
  • Serve in a Christian parachurch ministry or non-profit
  • Go to seminary or graduate school
  • With a double major, pursue any career as a ministry (e.g., Christian therapist)

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Tim Gabrielson - Sterling College

Dr. Timothy A. Gabrielson
Associate Professor of Biblical Studies; Department Chair of Theology & Ministry

Dr. Roy Millhouse - Sterling College

Dr. Roy Millhouse
Associate Professor of Biblical Studies

Glenn Butner - Sterling College

Dr. Glenn Butner Jr.
Associate Professor of Theology & Ministry

Shebuel Varghese - Sterling College

Shebuel Varghese
Assistant Professor of Theology & Ministry