Alumni Directory

The last Alumni Directory was published in 2005. We are asking all Sterling College alumni (anyone who completed 24 hours) to contact us to update thier information for the upcoming 125th Anniversary edition of the Alumni Directory. We've assembled the information currently listed in our alumni files and now need your assistance to confirm the accuracy of your data.

Up-to-date alumni information will be critical in assembling our 125th Anniversary Alumni Directory as well as estsablishing benchmarks for our career placement office, applying for government grants, and determining our ranking in national evaluations.

Please give Publishing Concepts (PCI) a call so that we may verify your information.  PCI is a trusted partner of the Sterling College Alumni Association.

Please call 1.866.760.2669 (toll-free) to verify the accuracy of the data currently listed in your file.

Your prompt assistance is greatly appreciate.  Please call the dedicated, toll-free Sterling College data verification line today.

PCI is a reliable, quality company that will produce a lovely Alumni Directory for us that will include special 125th historical articles. You will be asked if you would like to purchase a copy of this directory when you call. There is no purchase required - everyone who updates his or her information will be included in the directory. Sterling College receives none of the monies collected from the sale of the directory but believes this is the best way to provide a directory to our alumni at this time.