Sterling College Art Center Hosts Exhibit Featuring Photographs of Lawn Art

Release Date: 
February 11, 2010

Big Bird, monkeys, piglets, gargoyles, and the Virgin Mary-the subjects of Jeremie Riggleman's art are very eclectic, and his photographs of them are on display at the Sterling College Art Center. His solo exhibition, which came about through his connections with Sterling College Art Professor David Harmon, features photographs of lawn ornaments.

"He makes these images look as though they were easily captured," said Harmon in his review of Riggleman's work, "yet this is deceptive. These are not snapshots, but carefully crafted images. Riggleman has deliberately found these objects and imbued them with meaning."

Riggleman first became interested in lawn art at a young age, when he and his mother began pointing it out to each other as they passed by in a car. "Lawn ornaments make me curious," he said. "Why