Sterling College Theatre Department Presents "Steel Magnolias"

Release Date: 
April 13, 2010

"Steel Magnolias," a well-loved contemporary drama filled with humor and emotion, is being performed by the Sterling College Theatre Department on Friday and Saturday, April 16 and 17, in Culberston Auditorium on the Sterling College campus.

Robert Harling's "Steel Magnolias" looks into the lives of six very different women who find common ground at Truvy's hair salon. These women share their secrets, fears and loves while engaging in hilarious neighborhood gossip. From weddings to divorces, babies to funerals, beginnings to endings, they share the joys and struggles of their lives with grace, determination, and perfectly styled hair. At the core "Steel Magnolias" is about friendship, trust, and the realities of life.

Senior Sara Kanary will be directing this all-woman cast as a senior project in partial fulfillment of a degree in theatre arts. Kanary i