Report a Concern  If you feel an immediate threat, dial 911.

Sterling College is committed to maintaining a safe campus environment for all members of the college community. The Crisis Care & Action Team supports the emergency preparedness plan by responding to reports of students or employees displaying signs of behavioral or emotional distress that may indicate a possible threat to themselves, others or the college community. The team will meet on a regular basis to assess referrals, determine appropriate intervention strategies, and effectively respond to incidents of concern.

Frequently Asked Questions about Referrals

What type of behavior warrants a referral?

  • Acts of violence (threats, assaults, etc.) on campus
  • Statements or evidence of self harm/suicidal thoughts
  • Erratic/bizarre/inappropriate statements or behavior that disrupt teaching or College activities
  • Statements indicating possession of a weapon, or displaying of a weapon on campus
  • Writings or drawings of a disturbing or threatening nature, possibly indicating a change in behavior
  • Evidence of impaired behavior due to drug or alcohol use
  • Observed behavioral changes over a period of time
  • When in doubt, make the referral.

What do I do if I know an individual who may need to be referred to the Crisis Care & Action Team?
If you feel there is an immediate threat, dial 911.

To make a referral, go to the top or bottom of this page and click on “Report a Concern”. You will be asked for basic information about the individual, how the Crisis Care & Action Team can contact you, and for a description of the incident or behaviors that prompted the referral.

Who can make a Crisis Care & Action Team referral?
Anyone who feels an individual associated with Sterling College is a threat to himself/herself and/or the College community can make a referral.

What happens after I make a referral?
The members will take the information provided, assess the need, and make a recommendation regarding appropriate action.

How do I know if it is a Crisis Care & Action Team issue or if it is more appropriately handled by another campus resource?
You do not have to make this determination. If another campus resource is more appropriate, the Crisis Care & Action Team will refer the student and handle the transfer of information.

Report a Concern