Sterling Professor Earns Doctorate in Biology

Release Date: 
September 18, 2009

Upper-level biology students at Sterling College this fall will have to change the way they address one of their professors. Jonathan Conard, assistant professor of biology, looks no different than he did last spring, but he is now Dr. Conard, having completed his Ph.D. in biology at Kansas State this past summer.
Dr. Conard feels he has benefited from the entire process of studying for his doctorate. “My scientific writing skills improved, and I was able to interact with and learn from colleagues who are leaders in the discipline,” he said. “I also gained skills to design and conduct effective scientific research.” For the research emphasis of his doctorate, Conard examined the movement patterns, survival and reproductive rates, and genetic status of elk in the population at Fort Riley, Kans. This research was of interest to the United States Army and the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks, as both wanted to track how elk moved on and off the military base. Conard