Students Serve as Caution Flaggers at Inman Motocross Races

Release Date: 
November 18, 2009

On November 1, as riders at Inman Motocross prepared to race and jump at 40-70 miles per hour, twenty-two Sterling College students spaced themselves around the track. If there was an accident, the SC students had a job to do: step out onto the track and begin waving a large yellow caution flag.
This happened-a lot. Sometimes it was just a five-year-old racer who toppled his own bike; other times it was much more serious. "During one of the pro races, two riders crashed right in front of me," said Amy Morrison, a first-year student from Hutchinson. "Two of the fastest riders were coming back around, so I had to step in. It was a little scary." Scary, but necessary. Caution flaggers such as Morrison protect both the fallen riders and those coming over a jump or around a corner who cannot see what lies ahead.
Rishawn Austin, pro-rata faculty and tennis coach at the College, arranged this service project for students int