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S.C. Bookstore Valentine Sale Thursday & Friday, February 12-13
Buy one Sterling College clothing item, get the second of equal or less value at 50% off!

Order Graduation Announcements at Your Convenience
Order online at or call 1-800-433-0296.  We recommend ordering by mid-April and mailing by May 3. Price lists are available at the bookstore.

Our most important job is to find out which textbooks your professors have selected to use in your classes and make sure those books are ready for purchase when your classes begin. We have the most complete and up-to-date textbook information from your professors. Students may order their books and course materials from our website, or they may choose to purchase them in the store. All required and optional textbooks are listed by course online at, where you may pre-order or rent your books. Book rentals are available only online.

Interterm Textbooks Now Available
Want to get a head start on Interterm reading?  Buy your textbooks now at Sterling College Bookstore.  We have lots of used books, but they will go fast!

NEW Textbook & Course Materials Refund Policy

  • Absolutely no refunds will be given without an itemized receipt.
  • If you drop a class, you may return the books and materials for a full refund during the drop/add period.Returns for any other reason will only be accepted by the end of the next business day.
  • Return your books in the condition in which you purchased them.  New books must be without marks or signs of wear.  Bookstore staff will evaluate the condition of the book(s) to be returned.  You may receive a 50% refund if the book is determined to be in used condition.
  • Adhere to all warning labels on shrink-wrapped materials and on materials containing software.

Mark your textbooks in some way so that you can identify them if they are lost or stolen. You should write your name in the front of your textbooks so they can be returned to you if found. To help identify your books in case they are stolen, pick a page number that you can remember and mark your initials in small letters on this page in all your textbooks. Be sure to report lost or stolen books to the bookstore right away so that we can watch out for them.

Dry Cleaning Drop-off & Pick-up
Do you have laundry that needs to be cleaned by professionals but don’t want to drive to Hutchinson? Ineeda Cleaners picks up and drops off here at SC Bookstore every Monday & Thursday! Just bring your laundry in anytime during regular store hours and Ineeda will pick it up and bring it back clean and pressed (for a fee, of course).

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