Douglas Hall Staff

Sterling College Student Life

John Summitt--Douglas Hall Resident Director

Years worked at SC: This will be my second year at SC.

Hometown: Kansas City, MO

College attended and degree earned: Southwest Baptist University, Bolivar, MO, B.A. Christian Ministry; Emphasis: Christian Missions, Minor: Business Administration

Best residence life memory from my college days: I couldn’t possibly take it down to one!! I have some great memories and ridiculous stories, but the common thread in them all are friends. I have friends from my days in the dorms that I will have forever, and I couldn’t be more grateful for them. My life has definitely been shaped by those great brothers and sisters of my college experience. I definitely hope to encourage that kind of close relationship in my time at SC. But some stories might include: a 200-person dance to Sir Mix-A-Lot in the dorm, playing cards with Turkish mafia members in London, ninjas, and sharing the Gospel in some crazy spots!!

Favorite way to spend a Saturday: If I could choose, I would gather my wife, my daughter, and all the friends I could invite, have breakfast outdoors, early & over a fire with gallons of hot coffee for everyone. Then, spend the day with friends and family with access to boats and cabins near the water—with time spent laughing, fishing, playing games, enjoying good food & drink, and conversing about Jesus and the good things in life.

Best thing about my job: Living the good life alongside students in service to the Kingdom.

What the residents in my hall can expect: As your Resident Director, I hope to share in life and relationship with you while you are here at Sterling. I am here to lead, to serve, to walk in obedience to the Lord, and to enjoy life at Sterling with you. It is my hope that the Halls of Douglas will be encouraging places where we can live life together, learn together, serve together, and be a distinctly positive presence on campus, in the community of Sterling, and out into the world. My home and my family are here for you.

When you get to Sterling College, let’s get to know one another!!


Missy Jackson--Douglas Women's Resident Assistant

Year: Junior

Major: Psychology

Hometown: Longford, KS (Don't blink!  You'll miss it!)

Favorite class: Theories of Counseling with Professor Dyson


What is the thing you love most about living in your residence hall?   I love the atmosphere of all the girls in the hall!  Walking down the hallway I can say hello to anyone I run into and join in the laughter happening all around.


What you're all about:  I am all about being who God created me to be!  I love to be athletic, play piano, watch movies, be a girly girl, be a tom-boy, cracK down on studying, and most of all praise my God for all the abilities He has given me.  I defy all stereotypes.  I am always looking for a one-on-one and group relationship with anyone who crosses my path and who is willing to sit down and talk.  My ears are always open to new ideas or life or the interesting squirrel that just ran right in front of us.  Most of all, I love God and through Him I love those around me!

Kimberly Garrett--Douglas Women's Resident Assistant

Year: Senior

Major: Psychology with a minor in Mathematics

Hometown: Bennington, KS

Favorite class: Bio Foundations!  Bio Foundations is a psychology class that shows how our brain works in connection to our daily lives, and what can occur if certain areas are damaged.

What is the thing you love most about living in your residence hall?  I love having friends close by!  Either they are down the hall, right next door, or even my roommate!  Living in Douglas, you get to live in practically your own apartment, however without a kitchen.  But it's still awesome!

What you're all about: I'm a pretty outgoing person who loves to talk and listen to people!  I might seem a bit crazy at times, but I promise I'm not that crazy!  I am also on the track and field team, so somtimes I get a bit busy, but I will always make time for a friend!

Reggie Langford--Douglas Men's Resident Assistant

Year: Senior

Major: Sports Management with a minor in Exercise Science

Hometown: Rancho Cordova, CA

Favorite class: Sport Psychology

What is the thing you love most about living in your residence hall? I love how everyone comes together and chooses to hang out with each other.  Everyone comes out of their rooms and interacts with each other.

What you're all about: I'm all about trying to help better the lives of as many people as I can.  I want to help people with whatever problems they are having, and just be that person who leaves my mark on everyone that I cross paths with.

Jason Prichard--Douglas Men's Resident Assistant

Year: Senior

Major: Business--Leadership Management

Hometown: Aurora, CO

Favorite class: Organizational Leadership with Dr. Kwa

What is the thing you love most about living in your residence hall? I love that it's super chill with your own personal bathroom.

What you're all about: I'm all about serving others and pick-up lines.