Home-School Students

Caring Faculty


The admissions staff at Sterling College understands that home-school students come from a different background than the traditional high school student. You may be acting as your own guidance counselor, so we would love to help you answer any questions that you may have about entering college. No question is too simple!

Five reasons to come to Sterling:

  • 14:1 student/faculty ratio - By the time you graduate, the professors not only know your name, they know your favorite color, favorite dessert, favorite animal...  
  • Christian faculty and staff - Learn how to integrate your faith with your career
  • Volunteer opportunities - Annual mission trips, Love Sterling, and many other student-run ministries
  • Dorm life - Meet new people and create life-long friendships 
  • Job opportunities - Work study and campus employment available

Admissions Process

1. Follow our five-step admissions process
2. Submit your home school transcript along with any other high school or college transcripts
    from which you have taken classes 
3. Submit an official ACT or SAT score report

Sterling College Mailing Address:
Sterling College Admissions
125 W. Cooper, Sterling, KS 67579

High school level courses that should be taken are:
English (4 units)
Natural Science (2 units)
Social Studies (2 units)
History (1 unit)
It is also recommended that you take 2 units in a foreign language and a laboratory science