The late Ross Freeman was a graduate of Kansas State University, Washburn Law School and Harvard Business School. He earned his lay pastor certificate from Sterling College and consulted on the historic renovations of Cooper Hall. Freeman, a commissioned lay pastor, is a member of Topeka’s Trinity Presbyterian Church, where he served as an elder, as clerk of session, and served as chair of the pastoral nominating committee. Ross was the president and owner of Pioneer Group, Inc., a real estate development company. He also served as chairman for Historic Preservation Partners, Inc.

Fern Freeman is a graduate of Kansas State University and has spent her years teaching, running a small manufacturing company and serving as a full-time mother to her and Ross’s four daughters. Now retired, Fern finished her third year on Trinity’s Session and was the chair of the finance committee.

"We are so appreciative of Ross and Fern. Their generosity will help us continue educating students about servant leadership, a foundation tenant of the Sterling College curriculum," said Scott Rich, president.