About the Program

Sterling College equips students with skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the workplace and/or graduate school. Sterling has done so with a practical and relevant core curriculum that emphasizes fundamental business theory and is taught from an application perspective. 

Each student has the opportunity to tailor their business education by selecting a specialized concentration. This combination of core business education with the specialized focus empowers our student to excel in the business environment. 

In addition to coursework, each one of our business students is required to do an internship in their specific area of interest. This internship is a collaborative effort between faculty, the student, and the internship employer. This practical experience is invaluable as the students venture out into the real world upon graduation. See below for a list of businesses where our students have completed internships in recent years!

Biblical teachings are integrated into courses in the business department. Students are given the opportunity to apply foundational Christian concepts to business situations with guidance from faculty members.


What Can I Do With This Major?

  • Accountant
  • Business administrator
  • Fundraiser
  • Investment banker
  • Consultant
  • Account executive
  • Marketing
  • Sales representative
  • Insurance Agent

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Dr. T.H. Kwa
McVay Endowed Business Chair;
Professor of Business
Timothy Thorpe, MBA
Associate Professor of Business; Department Chair of Business
Karen Behler - Sterling College
Dr. Karen Baehler
Associate Professor of Business


Internships Completed by Students

  • A&J Construction, Katy, TX
  • American National Insurance Co, Sandy, UT
  • Berry Companies Inc, Wichita, KS
  • Bombardier Learjet, Wichita, KS
  • Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms, Reno, NV
  • City of Sterling, Sterling, KS
  • Cressey Sports Performance, Hudson, MA
  • Electrex Inc, Hutchinson, KS
  • Gateway First Bank, Jenks, OK
  • H&R Block, Lyons, KS
  • Heritage Foundation, Washington, DC
  • Hilton Hotel San Francisco, San Francisco, CA
  • Hyatt Life Sciences, Hutchinson, KS
  • Ideon Packaging, Richmond, BC
  • Inprov & Raincloud Media, Southlake, TX
  • JP Weigand Real Estate, Wichita, KS
  • Kaufman Healthcare Center, Kaufman, TX
  • KMW Loaders, Inc, Sterling, KS
  • Lake Whitney Real Estate, Whitney, TX
  • Landscapes Unlimited, Burlington, CO
  • Lenex International, Richardson, TX
  • Life Fellowship Youth Ministries, Frederick, CO
  • LUXE KC, Mission, KS
  • New Vista Health Services LLC, LaCrescanta, CA
  • Northwestern Mutual, Wichita, KS
  • PCP International, West Monroe, LA
  • Perry Hotel, Key West, FL
  • Richland Country Club, Nashville, TN
  • State Farm, Lyons, KS
  • Sterling Services, Sterling, KS
  • Swindoll Janzen Hawk Loyd CPAs, Hutchinson, KS
  • Titan One Development LLC, Loveland, CO
  • Wetherington Golf Country Club, Chester, OH


Accounting Concentration:
AC309 Intermediate Accounting I 3 credits
AC311 Cost Accounting 3 credits
AC354 Accounting Information Systems 3 credits
AC409 Intermediate Accounting II 3 credits
AC415 Auditing Principles 3 credits
AC450 Federal Income Taxation 3 credits
BU493 Internship 3 credits
Subtotal: 21 credits

Finance Concentration:
AC450 Federal Income Taxation 3 credits
BU381 Money and Banking 3 credits
BU391 Portfolio Management 3 credits
BU419 Investment 3 credits
BU493 Internship 3 credits
RE 320 Real Estate Investment/Finance 3 credits
Subtotal: 18 credits

Entrepreneurship Concentration:
BU331 Entrepreneurship I 3 credits
BU428 Sales and Customer Service 3 credits
BU420 Advanced Marketing 3 credits
BU431 Entrepreneurship II 3 credits
BU493 Internship 3 credits
RE 425 Market Analysis 3 credits
Subtotal: 18 credits

Management Concentration:
BU344 Management Information Systems 3 credits
BU421 Human Resources Management 3 credits
BU422 Operations Management 3 credits
BU445 Crisis Management 3 credits
BU493 Internship 3 credits
RE325 Real Estate Principles 3 credits
Subtotal: 18 credits

Marketing Concentration:
BU328 Introduction to Marketing Research 3 credits
BU420 Advanced Marketing 3 credits
BU428 Sales and Customer Service 3 credits
BUxxx Business Elective 3 credits or CMxxx Business Elective 3 credits
BU493 Internship 3 credits
CM336 Principles of Public Relations 3 credits
Subtotal: 18 credits

Real Estate Concentration:
RE320 Real Estate Investment/Finance 3 credits
RE325 Real Estate Principles 3 credits
RE329 Real Estate Appraisal 3 credits
RE420 Real Estate Development 3 credits
RE425 Real Estate Market Analysis 3 credits
BU493 Internship 3 credits
Subtotal: 18 credits



Cost Accounting - This course focuses on accounting information that provides key cost data to managers for planning and controlling operations. An in-depth study of the basic concepts, analysis, uses, and procedures to utilize accounting as a managerial tool for business strategy and implementation. Prerequisites: BU209 and BU210. (Fall/Even Years)

Principles of Management - This course is a study and analysis of management and leadership techniques. Christian concepts will be integrated throughout the course. (Fall)

International Business - Explores the global marketplace and how international and multinational business is conducted. It approaches the subject from an environmental perspective by studying the extrinsic uncontrollable forces (competitive, distributive, economic, socioeconomic, financial, legal, physical, political, socio-cultural, and labor), and how they affect domestic, foreign, and global business practices. (Spring) 

Entrepreneurship - The course is an introduction to the essential knowledge and skills of entrepreneurship, while focusing on the planning, management, marketing, financing, and operating entrepreneurial enterprises. (Fall/Odd Years) 

Academic Catalog