Our elementary education program prepares students to be highly qualified K-6 teachers. Students learn about the latest lesson planning strategies and management techniques as well as time-honored practices that have proven successful. They will also develop and deliver over 90 hours of classroom instruction as they prepare to manage their own self-contained elementary classroom.  

What can I do with a license in elementary education?

  • Teach in a K-6 classroom at a public, private or parochial school
  • Textbook consultant
  • Camp coordinator
  • Children's ministry
  • Paraprofessional (additional special education classes may be required)
  • Work as a literacy coach or math coach (may require additional training)
  • Pursue a degree in school administration
  • Church curriculum developer
  • Event planning for children's organizations
  • Children's author
  • Educational resources representative


The elementary education coursework is to be completed simultaneously with the professional studies courses. All required major classes must be completed with a C or higher.

Elementary Education Courses

Required General Education Courses:
Course Number Course Title Credits
BS115 Principles of Sociology 3
HI101 History of World Civilization I or 3
HI211/212 U.S. History I or II 3
PH110L Physical Science w/Lab or any physical science course w/lab 5

Core Requirements: (must be completed with a C or higher)
Course Number Course Title Credits
AR275 Elementary Art Methods 3
BI101/L Principles of Biology w/Lab or 4
BI125/L Environmental Science w/Lab or 4
BI170/L Zoology w/Lab 4
EL151 Fundamentals of Teaching Reading 3
EL153 Language Arts for Elementary Teachers 2
EL256 Child and Adolescent Literature 3
EL330 Methods of Teaching Elementary Mathematics I 3
EL333* Methods of Teaching Elementary Science 2
EL335* Methods of Teaching Elementary Social Science 2
EL337* Methods of Teaching Elementary Mathematics II 3
ES344 Curriculum & Methods of Teaching PE Elementary (K-6) 3
EL350 Reading Testing and Diagnosis 3
EL356* Methods of Teaching Elementary Reading & Language Arts 4
HG240 World and Regional Geography 3
MU243B Elementary Music Methods 2

Professional Studies Courses
Course Number Course Title Credits
ED195 Introduction to Education 2
ED201 Field Experience in Education (with 30 field hours) 2
ED205 Cultural Diversity in Education (with lab hours) 2
ED206 Classroom Management 2
SE210 "Introduction to Infants, Children and Youth
with Special Needs (with 20 field hours)"
ED219 Instruction and Assessment 4
ED272 Educational Psychology (with 15 field hours) 3
ED356 Technology in the Classroom 2
ED357 Reading and Writing in the Content Area (with 10 hours) 3
ED400 "KPTP Field Experience Lab
(with 15 field hours and concurrent with content methods)"
ED490 Seminar in Education 1
ED497 Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio 3
ED498 Clinical Teaching Experience (full semester in field) 12

Spiritual Formation Requirements
Course Number Course Title Credits
GD105 Foundations of Servant Leadership 1
TM102 Introduction to Old Testament 3
TM103 Introduction to New Testament 3
TM366 Basic Christian Doctrine 3
Total Credits 112

*Offered as a block only

Course Descriptions

Sterling College reserves the right to make changes to this curriculum outline.

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