Junior high and high school students are at the age where they begin to question rules, governing bodies, and how people and nations interact with one another. We can teach you the skills you need to impress upon your students the importance of history and how our behavior today influences future generations.

The Sterling Teacher Education Program has partnered with the history department to design an accredited curriculum that moves you through your major classes and the professional studies courses you need for an initial 6-12 Kansas licensure with an endorsement in history. This will allow you to teach in a middle or secondary level classroom. Your degree, a Bachelor of Science in History, opens up other opportunities outside of education and allows you to be flexible in your career choice.

What can I do with a 6-12 license in history?

  • Teach in a 6-12 classroom at a public, private or parochial school
  • Work as a host or currator in a children's museum
  • Write history books for teenagers
  • Textbook consultant
  • Curriculum designer
  • Paraprofessional (additional special education classes may be required)
  • Pursue a degree in school administration
  • Educational resources representative
  • Continue your education in order to teach history at a junior college, college or university

History Courses
Course Number Course Title Credits
HI101 History of World Civilization I 3
HI102 History of World Civilization II 3
HI211 History and Government of the U.S. I 3
HI212 History and Government of the U.S. II 3
HI408 Modern America, 1919-Present (Writing Intensive) 3
HI498 Research Methods 1
HI499 Senior Thesis (Writing Intensive) 2
BS115 Principles of Sociology 3
BU103 Economics 3
HG202 American Government 3
HG240 World and Regional Geography 3
HG325 Comparative Government 3
HG322 Kansas History and Government 3
HI304 Civil War Era, 1820-77 3
HI306 The Gilded Age, 1877-1919 3
HI461 Topics in Non-Western History (Latin America) 3
HI437 Modern Europe (1789-Present) 3
HI451 History of the Russians 3
ED440 "Methods of Teaching Social and Behavioral Science
in the Secondary School"

Professional Studies Courses
Course Number Course Title Credits
ED195 Introduction to Education 3
ED201 Field Experience in Education (with 30 field hours) 2
ED206 Classroom Management 2
SE210 "Introduction to Infants, Children and Youth
With Special Needs (with 20 field hours)"
ED205 Cultural Diversity in Education (with lab hours) 2
ED219 Instruction and Assessment 4
ED272 Educational Psychology (with 15 field hours) 3
ED356 Technology in the Classroom 2
ED357 Reading and Writing in the Content Area (with 10 hours) 3
ED400 "KPTP Field Experience Lab
(with 15 field hours and concurrent with content methods)"
ED490 Seminar in Education 1
ED497 Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio 3
ED498 Clinical Teaching Experience (full semester in field) 12

Spiritual Formation Courses
Course Number Course Title Credits
GD105 Foundations of Servant Leadership 1
TM102 Introduction to Old Testament 3
TM103 Introduction to New Testament 3
TM366 Basic Christian Doctrine 3

Total Credits 105

Course Descriptions

Sterling College reserves the right to make changes to this curriculum outline.