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About the Program

Wildlife Law Enforcement is a combination of academic curricula from our Criminal Justice and Biology (Environmental/Wildlife) programs. This degree can serve as a basic educational foundation necessary to proceed upon graduation into graduate school to develop a career in wildlife research. The curriculum provides students the opportunity for exposure to a wide array of environemtal topics from a scientific perspective, as well as relevant criminal justice issues.

Sterling College’s Wildlife Law Enforcement program is looking for people who want to dedicate their lives to wildlife protection and improving our environment. Our academic program provides a foundation of knowledge in environmental sciences in combination with an understanding of the criminal justice system and the role it plays in protecting our valuable natural resources.


What Can I Do With This Major?

  • Game Warden
  • Federal Agent
  • Park Ranger
  • other wildlife natural resource related careers

This degree program allows students to engage and obtain knowledge in the environmental sciences necessary to participating in research, enforcement, and working with communities through classes such as:

BI 125 Environmental Science

BI 360 Ecology

BI 371 Vertebrate Biology

BI 380 Wildlife Management

In addition, students gain an understanding of and involvement in the criminal justice system, focusing on protecting our natural resources and apprehending offenders through classes such as:

CJ 110 Introduction to Criminal Justice

CJ 220 Criminal Law

CJ 310 Criminal Investigations

CJ 355 Community Policing

In combination with these areas of study an Internship offers students the opportunity to work with agencies involved directly in the enforcement of wildlife management, research or conservation efforts.

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Richard Webb - Sterling College
Richard Webb
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice;
Wildlife Law Enforcement Faculty Advisor
(620) 278-4215
Jonathan Conard - Sterling College
Jonathan Conard
Professor of Biology; Department Chair of Natural Sciences and Mathematics