Sterling Fund

A Strategic Investment in Higher Education

A Dynamic Mission

Sterling College is a Christ-centered, four-year college located in Sterling, Kansas, with a mission “to develop creative and thoughtful leaders who understand a maturing Christian faith.”

For 126 years, Sterling has been transforming  the lives of students.  Our charge to develop servant leaders who will go out and change the world is being strengthened as we serve our students and make improvements to the campus. For many students, their experience at Sterling College is marked by transformative change.  Your participation in Sterling’s mission is essential to this transformation.

The 2015-2016 Sterling Fund goal is $1,000,000

The Sterling Fund is an opportunity for alumni and friends to participate in the transforming mission of the College in the lives of the students.


“My Dad was adamant that I graduate from college. He realized the value of education and instilled that in me.  Being able to support the Sterling Fund pays tribute to my Dad.  A perfect ‘pay it forward’ opportunity that ensures that the Christ-centered education that Sterling College provides will continue through the following generations.”

- Karen Fly Achterberg ’66

“Sterling College is unique among all institutions of higher education. At SC, Christ is at the center of its being. Jesus is first and foremost at the core of its existence. Secondly SC strives to be academically excellent. It is on the cutting edge of what young people need to know to be productive members of society and even more so leaders. SC also pursues excellence in athletic and the arts as a balanced student is a successful student. These are the values that we are committed to supporting.”

- Roger “Corky” ’68 and Mary ’69 Trotter

“Over the 57 years that we have been involved with Sterling College, Cathy and I have experienced a large number of students from a variety of backgrounds become transformed by their Sterling experience.  They have developed into Christ-centered adults who have become differentiators in society.

It is very gratifying to see how positively Sterling changes many lives.  But, this cannot be done without significant financial investments beyond tuitions. The more we invest, the lower the tuition; enabling Sterling to reach more students who could not otherwise experience the ‘Sterling transformation.’”

- John ’60 and Cathy ’60 Grove

Four reasons why your participation matters

  1. It enables students to study and graduate from Sterling – Tuition does not cover the entire cost of a Sterling education. Your giving to the Sterling Fund fills the gap between what students pay and the actual cost. As a college student, you were likely the recipient of the financial gifts of alumni and friends, even if you were unaware at the time.

  2. Great colleges are built by their alumni – Your participation in giving means more than the size of your gift. No institution flourishes without the commitment of its alumni and friends that support the mission of the school. Reputations are built one year at a time, and the value of a Sterling diploma grows because of your support. 

  3. It helps with student recruitment – Your giving contributes directly to the scholarships the College is able to offer to prospective students. The more scholarship money the College has to offer, the more students will come to Sterling.

  4. It is an important signal to foundations as they consider support for Sterling – Many foundations ask about alumni giving, and will make giving decisions in part based on the percentage of alumni who give to the College. Your gift matters.

Quick Facts

  • Sterling College is a four-year college with a tradition of providing Christ-centered liberal arts education since its founding in 1887.
  • Sterling has more than 20 majors and over 50 programs of studies, including several online programs.
  • The student/faculty ratio is 14/1.
  • A campus-wide program for spiritual growth features traditional chapel services, Bible studies, alternative chapel options, student-initiated worship times and service projects, on-campus leadership opportunities, and a variety of student ministry opportunities both local and global.
  • Approximately 70 students participated in cross-cultural team experiences in 2012-2013.
  • Tuition for 2013-2014 is $20,950, with room, board, and tuition totaling $28,000.
  • Virtually every student receives financial assistance/scholarships assistance from Sterling College.
  • Sterling has 14 intercollegiate men’s and women’s teams (NAIA).
  • The 2012-2013 student body included students from 37 states and four countries with a minority rate of 20.5%.
  • 76% of the 2013 graduating class completed either an internship or student teaching during their time at SC.