“Love Sterling” Organizers Still Seeking Projects for May 1 Event

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Love Sterling? A group of Sterling College students want to answer that question with a “Yes!” that is supported by some hard work and time. These students, led by Academic Chaplain Anne Smith and Theology and Ministry Chair Dr. Craig Smith, have contacted the city, businesses and churches of Sterling to learn of specific needs they can meet on Saturday, May 1, with an event they have named Love Sterling.

The city of Sterling has provided a list of jobs. Students will be painting the bath house at Sterling Lake, the light poles around the lake, and all the fire hydrants in town. Main Street Sterling has asked that the flower beds and streets be cleared of trash in preparation for the Pots and Pedals event the following weekend. In addition, SC students will be cleaning out the lot north of the Dillons store and painting the picket fence that borders it. The owner of Reed Pharmacy is providing the supplies for students to paint the pharmacy storefront.

Love Sterling organizers have also contacted local churches asking if there are needs of individuals, families or the churches themselves that students can meet. The Assembly of God Church has asked students to clear out the back yard of the church so their youth group can use it.
Christina Cheyney, a junior at Sterling, is organizing a morning of childcare for parents who want to help with the event. The children will be making a craft and then taking it to residents at Sterling Manor.

The event will end with a picnic for the students and the community at the Sterling Lake pavilion. Local churches will provide the food.

For more information about Love Sterling, to volunteer for the event, or to suggest a project, please contact Craig Smith at crsmith@sterling.edu or (620)278-4274.