Art student redesigns nonprofit website

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Something as simple as doing your homework can yield an unexpected opportunity, especially if you do it well. Such was the case when Sterling College senior Courtney Huber of McPherson, Kan., chose a familiar nonprofit organization, India Christian Ministries, to re-brand for her graphic design class.

The assignment led to an opportunity to design a program website for ICM as part of her summer internship.

When given the assignment to redesign the branding of a nonprofit organization of her choice, Huber chose India Christian Ministries. She knew about the organization from the summer of 2011 when she traveled to India on a Sterling College mission trip. Huber felt a connection to the children and ministry, so when she was asked by the ICM contacts if she was interested in returning the next summer for a longer trip, she said yes. Her return trip also fulfilled the internship she needed for her minor in Christian ministries.

Huber’s finished graphic design assignment was a success, and she was encouraged by Assistant Professor Daniel Swartz to pitch the redesign to ICM. The ministry liked her work and wanted to use it to promote their newest program, Covenant Child Development Centers. They asked Huber to research and help brand the CCDC program as an addition to her internship.

“I worked with CCDC this summer,” said Huber. “They are focused on educating the poorest children in each village to help them learn their way out of poverty. If a child is given the opportunity to go to school, they not only can be the first in their family to escape poverty, but it also lessens the chance that they will be sold into child labor or trafficking. The CCDC program is similar to an after-school program which pays for the children’s English school fees and then brings them to the church each day for tutoring, a nutritious meal, and worship. The work that CCDC is doing provides children with a hope and a future.”

A few weeks ago, ICM launched the new website for the Covenant Child Development Center at The logo, font, colors, and icons were all created by Huber for the website. Huber said ICM is excited about the new look and wants to continue a working relationship. A second program under ICM has begun converting its brand with characteristics of Huber’s design as a heavy influence on the new look.

Huber said, “I’m glad I had the opportunity to go to India on a mission trip with Sterling College and then use that new-found passion and my love of art to help promote India Christian Ministries’ new program. The experience I’ve gained at Sterling and the opportunities I have had here make me feel more confident as I begin looking for a job after graduation. I would love to work with ministries who want to redesign their brand based on the work that they do. Visiting the ministry and then working with the company would be the best job I could hope for.”