Buchanan – a true Sterling example

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

As a small, Christian college, every student makes a difference in the life of Sterling College. Perhaps none more so in this year’s senior class than Jake Buchanan. While Jake Buchanan is probably best known as a Warrior football player, he is also an English major, worship leader, actor, mentor and friend to many.
“At every level Jake Buchanan exemplifies exactly who we want our people to be - athletically, academically, socially and spiritually,” explains Warrior Head Football Coach Andy Lambert.
“Jake came from Saddleback Community College in Mission Viejo, CA where he had played football for two years but saw very little action due to injury and other factors,” adds Lambert. “For us he was able to come in and make a dramatic impact immediately. He was even named KCAC Offensive Player of the Year this year. But what’s great about Jake is that he is not only a great football player but he is a great worship leader, mentor and counselor as well.”
While it was football that brought Buchanan to Sterling, he also found other outlets for his creative talents; including playing guitar and leading worship in a Sterling praise band and even as an actor in an SC Theatre production.
As a student Buchanan has shown excellence in the classroom. “Jake has been a rewarding student to have in class. He has great insight, a wide range of experience and cares deeply about others,” adds English department Chair Dr. Felicia Squires who has been Buchanan’s academic advisor.
“What I will miss most about Sterling College are the people,” says Buchanan. “When you live in the dorms there is such community. You can just walk down the hall or go visit anyone you want. After you graduate, you have to drive to see your friends because everyone is so spread out. Most college students take this for granted.”
For Buchanan, the slow-paced life of a small town was a relaxing change from his home in the Portland, OR area. “I came to Sterling after talking to Coach Lambert,” said Buchanan. “I seized the opportunity and am glad I did.”
Buchanan truly broadened his horizons by coming to Sterling. “I really loved the camaraderie of football and my teammates were great guys, but I also tried to branch out and meet new people. So often we get too comfortable just being with the people we already know. By stepping out, I was able to spend time with a lot of great people I might not have otherwise met,” said Buchanan.
On Saturday, Buchanan will join his 75 classmates as they assemble on Cooper Lawn to bid farewell to the place that has been a home away from home and the people that have been a second family for numerous years.
“For me, graduating is pretty special, as I will be the first in my family to graduate,” said Buchanan.
“I will miss the community of Sterling, my foster parents, and especially all the people I met at Sterling College. This time right after college will be a time for me to lay a foundation for my future. I hope to start my own business or even work my way up the ladder in a big company. That way, sometime down the road, I can say to someone who is in the position I am now that I was there and I know what it’s like and I’ll recommend Sterling to anyone wanting to be a part of close-knit community with a lot of opportunity.”