Campus Activities Board hosts Sterling’s Got Talent

Cody Martin
Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Sterling College Campus Activities Board hosted a talent show entitled Sterling’s Got Talent last Tuesday, Feb. 5. The show was filled with an assortment of different acts encompassing various sorts of talent, including singing, dancing and comedy. A lot of time and work went into the planning process.

“It involved a lot of people, including performers, MCs, sound personnel, and judges. So it was a lot of emailing beforehand and a lot of coordinating” said senior Anna Kolb, CAB president.

The work did not go in vein, however, for the show was a success. “I was really impressed by all the people that came out” said Kolb.

Highlights of the show included sophomore Darsha Bechard and junior Travis Norton performing a dance that won the first place prize, sophomore Elsa Fuentes singing in Spanish and English, and freshman Cameron Pratte playing guitar.

For next year, CAB hopes to have an even greater amount of people come out, spotlighting a greater myriad of performers.